The most valuable lesson I have learned is that the most meaningful journey is the inner journey.

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Inspirational Author, Speaker and Educator

Jean Edelman is a leader and advocate for physical and mental health. 

“The most valuable lesson I have learned is that the most meaningful journey is the inner journey.”

— Jean Edelman



4/18/24: The Power of Giggles

4/11/24: Giving Your Compassion a Boundary

4/4/24: The Power of Inner Kindness

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The Power of Giggles

This week I want to talk about laughing. Hopefully we've been taking baby steps and eating a little better and in a better mood and feeding our brain and our guts feeling a little bit better and we're protecting ourselves and we have a little bit better self-talk. So now hopefully laughing is coming more naturally. Laughing is so good for our mood, our mind, our body. Laughing on a regular basis gives us a reservoir of energy. It helps mitigate our stress.

Giving Your Compassion a Boundary

I've been talking about our moods and our food and our self-talk, and we can control a lot of that. But sometimes we encounter people and situations in our life where there's negativity, where there's people that just want to dump their stuff. And we are usually kind individuals and we don't want to upset them. But life is about our journey and taking care of ourselves. And this means protection from environmental negativity or people that are negative.

The Power of Inner Kindness

I want to talk more and dive a little deeper into our self-talk. It's super hard when others are critical and judgmental of us and they don't understand the pain of their words and how it affects us. But you know who the worst critic is? Us. We can walk away from others. But how do we calm that inner critic? There's some interesting research coming out of Middle Tennessee State University, and they are studying self-talk and they've actually given us a couple categories of what we are doing when we have our self-talk.


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