Jean is an inspirational author, speaker and educator – a leader and advocate in these challenging times for physical and mental health while sharing her enthusiasm and passion for mindful living, extreme self-care, nutrition and the pursuit of balance in a busy world.  She is an expert in wellness, nutrition and macrobiotic cooking. 

The Other Side of Money

Living a More Balanced Life Through 52 Weekly Inspirations

So much of our lives is focused on, or affected by, dollars. But too much attention to money can actually interfere with our wish to live a happy, fulfilling life. That’s why personal finance is more personal than finance.

The Other Side of Money helps us reflect on how we are living our lives and suggests how we can see people and the world around us in a positive, loving way. From life’s simple issues to our bigger questions, The Other Side of Money helps us find quiet and balance by turning inward so we can be in the moment. By looking at how we live our lives, we discover the lessons that let us become better people. Each of the book’s 52 chapters offers insights about our lives and fills us with possibilities we might not have recognized. Read just one chapter of The Other Side of Money each week and you’ll find yourself continually enlightened and uplifted.

Good helpful information about life and money.
Amazon Customer
The Other Side Of Money: Living A More Balanced Life Through 52 Weekly Inspirations by Jean Edelman cover 52 weeks of different life enrichment tips. For instance, week four discusses the facet of focusing energy on what you can control (page 9) and week thirteen covers turning catalogs into a collage of you (page 33). In chapter three Edelman discusses how she carved out time for herself and there is mention how to use collage images as a goal setting tool towards doing three things that you would like to find time to do.
Stella Carrier
Home run! Thoughtful, insightful and excellent advice. A home run.
Peter J Ottowitz
Jean Edelman really has a very good understanding of macro and micro economics and in lay person terminology and explanation can relate to the individual and family investor in terms of risks/rewards.
James Yule