The most valuable lesson I have learned is that the most meaningful journey is the inner journey.

Activate Your Inner Glow and Show Your True Self to the World

How to shift from negative to positive thinking and empower your life

Jean Edelman: Great to be with you this week. This week I thought I would talk about our inner world, our inner images, our inner dialog. And at the end, I want to talk about how to create an inner smile. I’ve talked about shifting our perspective a little bit about life is happening for us. Our ups, our downs. They can be cruel and harsh and traumatic. But they are there to help us learn. So if we can think about life as being a constant classroom. And the teachers are these life events. And every day there can be a pop quiz. All right, that’s crazy.

But life is for us. And then if we can remember that life is coming from us, that we create our world, we create the joy or the trauma or the drama in our world. And by setting intentions and then giving them freedom to be, we can create a new practice and a new awareness and an opportunity to shift our inner images and our inner dialog. So remembering that life is coming from us, our worry that we put into our day, our negativity that we put into our day, it uses our energy to create things we don’t want.

So if we’re sitting there worrying about something, that’s what’s happening. That’s what’s being created in our world. Our bodies believe our self-talk. Our bodies believe what we’re telling it. Our bodies believe the worry and the negativity. And so that’s why we have to shift our thinking, our inner dialog our inner messaging, our cells and our organs. They have intelligence. They are always listening. And so feeding our cells and our organs and our mind and our body. Positive words feeding our body positive images. That will naturally bring us into a balance.

Understanding this can give us a healthier inner dialog, healthier inner images. We need to love ourselves more. Give ourselves a break. We are doing the best we can do. When we talk to ourselves, we want to be kind and nurturing and remember that our body is listening.

So here’s an example of our inner world creating our outer world and a visualization how that can change and shift into something positive. So say we’re walking along, we’re in the office or wherever we are; we see someone. Or we’re seeing a situation, and based on the last interaction, which was negative, our inner dialog is already going to start saying, “Oh no, this is going to go badly. Oh no, the last time, X, Y, Z.” …

So this is where we have an opportunity to stop, take a breath, and change that inner dialog and change the visualization. So say we’re walking along. We see ourselves going this way, we stop. We fill our mind with positive thoughts. We put on a big smile and when we approach this person or situation, we have got a warm, wonderful greeting. We have kind words and remarks to share because we’re going to tell ourselves we like this person. Last time it was okay. This time it’s going to be better. And we can visualize a happy outcome. It’s called faking it till we make it.

Our body will be happier if we fake this interaction as it’s going to be positive. We know it’s going to be a great outcome. We don’t want to feed into that negativity. We don’t want to go into battle. We want to have that positive interaction. And if we do that, if we start seeing ourselves going this way, we stop and we shift into the positive. This person that we’re about to meet or interact, they’re probably ready for the battle, but we’re going to show them positivity. We’re going to show them in our imagination a beautiful bouquet of flowers. And you know what? We’re probably going to freak them out because they’re like, “What? What just happened? “

We shifted that dialog. We shifted our images and we went on our way and our body was happy. We were happy. We only get to do this once, guys. This is it. This day, is it this moment? Is it? We want to fill it with positive dialog, positive images. It takes practice. But if we do that, just see what happens.

So here’s our action item for the week. Let’s wake up with a positive statement. Let’s practice wrapping our beautiful body that we’ve been given in a wonderful, loving hug. Let’s practice telling ourselves who are listening and waiting to hear that we love ourselves, that we matter, and that this is going to be a great day. And if we begin a breath with a negative, let’s stop, let’s rephrase and let’s get back into the positive. That’s our action item for the week.

So now I want to take a moment. I want to talk about an inner smile. I was going to write about this and talk about this this week. And then the universe is so cool because then it brings us what we kind of need. And I saw this really cool video, but I think this is really something that can help our inner dialog and our images. So picture this and it may be the best time to do it is in the morning. So before we start our day, before we step out of our closet, before we step out of our bedroom, take a moment, stand there with our feet planted on the floor or sit and close our eyes and just visualize a beautiful smile.

We are smiling for ourselves. We are smiling to ourselves. And this is an inner smile between me and me. It’s just there for us. And the cool thing is that after we step out of our bedroom or our closet or wherever we are and we’ve had our inner smile, we can come back and we can regain this inner smile any time during the day. This beautiful inner smile is a wonderful way to start the day. It’s a great opportunity to regain balance during the day. It can give us a state of well-being. It can give us a moment of relaxation and a moment of wonderful breath. It can give us an opportunity to have more capacity to accept ourselves and others. So my other action item is to practice this inner smile. Practice it every day, practice and embrace the peace that it’s going to give us and we will crave it and come back to it. This practice, this inner peace, can be gained in any micro moment in our day. So this week, my word of the week is INNER.

The I is to Ignore, ignore all the outer chatter, create our own positive, self-loving inner chatter.

The N is to Notice. Let’s pay attention to our thoughts. If we start getting negative and shifting this way, let’s come back to neutral, take a breath and begin again. Change what we see. Change what we’re thinking and see how the situation changes.

The N is for Nature. Find time outside when we’re out walking and breathing. Nature takes away any negativity and it replenishes us with wonder and gratitude.

The E is for Experience to experience positive. Try one micro moment, inner smile. See how it goes. We’re going to want more. We will see how powerful our thoughts are and how they can change our experiences.

And the R is to Rejoice. Rejoice in who we are. We are wonders in this world. We each have beautiful and amazing gifts to offer, and it’s time to shed the weight of this negativity, the weight of these fears and the weight that that others put upon us. It’s time to rejoice in who we are and in all that we can do, no matter where we are in life.

Each day we get to begin again with our thoughts, our emotions, our health. Each day we get to move in a positive direction and each day we deserve positive inner images, positive inner dialog, and we can make our day great. Have a wonderful week.

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