The most valuable lesson I have learned is that the most meaningful journey is the inner journey.

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The Power of Giggles

This week I want to talk about laughing. Hopefully we've been taking baby steps and eating a little better and in a better mood and feeding our brain and our guts feeling a little bit better and we're protecting ourselves and we have a little bit better self-talk. So now hopefully laughing is coming more naturally. Laughing is so good for our mood, our mind, our body. Laughing on a regular basis gives us a reservoir of energy. It helps mitigate our stress.

The Power of Giggles2024-04-18T13:28:08-04:00

Giving Your Compassion a Boundary

I've been talking about our moods and our food and our self-talk, and we can control a lot of that. But sometimes we encounter people and situations in our life where there's negativity, where there's people that just want to dump their stuff. And we are usually kind individuals and we don't want to upset them. But life is about our journey and taking care of ourselves. And this means protection from environmental negativity or people that are negative.

Giving Your Compassion a Boundary2024-04-11T13:04:45-04:00

The Power of Inner Kindness

I want to talk more and dive a little deeper into our self-talk. It's super hard when others are critical and judgmental of us and they don't understand the pain of their words and how it affects us. But you know who the worst critic is? Us. We can walk away from others. But how do we calm that inner critic? There's some interesting research coming out of Middle Tennessee State University, and they are studying self-talk and they've actually given us a couple categories of what we are doing when we have our self-talk.

The Power of Inner Kindness2024-04-04T13:04:51-04:00

Embracing Grounded Wellness

This week I want to continue talking about our healthy habits. The journey for good, long, healthy, joyful, happy life is to create habits that carry us through this life. I think the habits when we were younger, probably different from the habits that we now need to create as we get a little older. The goal is to change and to be aware how we are feeling. The goal is to listen to our body and make the small changes to bring us back into balance. Eventually, if we don't change our habits, they'll catch up with us.

Embracing Grounded Wellness2024-03-28T13:00:02-04:00

Our Food and Our Mood

I want to continue the conversation about our mood, but I want to enter in a discussion about our food. NIH is reporting that we all experience a mood disorder at some point in our lives. We'll feel depressed or anxious. And I just talked a little bit about signals that our body sends us and paying attention and observing, but our mood could also be a message that we're not getting enough nutrients in our meals. Did you know that our brain cells are the most metabolically active cells?

Our Food and Our Mood2024-03-21T17:01:12-04:00

Signals of Stress

For decades I've been a student of the healing arts: Reiki, traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, plant based and macrobiotic cooking. Join me on this journey and hear my word of the week. This week I want to talk more about our mental health and signs that we need to pay attention to. Our body is wonderful at giving us signals. Think about when a cold or the flu is coming on. Our body is letting us know with those aches and those pains. But the same goes for our mental health.

Signals of Stress2024-03-14T13:18:59-04:00

The Art of Self-Discovery

For decades, I've been a student of the healing arts, Reiki, traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, plant based and macrobiotic cooking. Join me on this journey and hear my word of the week. Great to be with you this week. This week, this is an interesting thought that popped into my head as I was cooking. Life did not come with instructions. As I was standing over the stove the other day, this topic just popped into my head. I was thinking life did not come with instructions.

The Art of Self-Discovery2024-03-07T12:59:58-05:00

Mindful Eating, Powerful Living

This week I want to talk about portion control. It's still February and it's still heart month. And we've talked about our immune system and we've talked about good health habits. But I think portion control can be a part of this conversation. It's still early enough in the year. Folks are trying to get rid of the holiday weight gain from last year and still trying to start healthier habits. I'm a visual person and I found this article from the Mayo Clinic super helpful.

Mindful Eating, Powerful Living2024-02-29T13:40:18-05:00

Transforming Stress into Serenity

This week I want to bring back one of my favorites, Wabi-sabi. I love sharing this. No, it's not wasabi, the condiment we eat with sushi. Wabi-sabi is a Japanese philosophy that acknowledges three simple beliefs nothing lasts, nothing's finished, and nothing is perfect. This generous lens on life can help us in everything. It can help us have a kinder outlook. It can help us have a more accepting view on the world.

Transforming Stress into Serenity2024-02-22T13:17:01-05:00

Winter Wellness

This week I would like to talk about our immune system. I know February is heart month, but I think folks are still getting a little flu and a little sick and a little this and a little that and sniffles and stuff. And so I just want to talk a little bit about how our immune system works. Our immune system is our security guard against illness. Our immune cells, they work to clear away any germs and viruses before problems arise. Did you know that we have an innate immune system?

Winter Wellness2024-02-15T13:00:42-05:00
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