The most valuable lesson I have learned is that the most meaningful journey is the inner journey.

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The Beauty of Authenticity

This week, since it's that time of year where maybe we've got some vacations, we're away from home and we're with different groups of people. I thought I'd talk about sharing our stories. I hope you've discovered how fun and easy it is to start and have a good, meaningful conversation with someone. Everyone has something to share. Everyone has a story to tell to facilitate connecting and sharing our stories.

The Beauty of Authenticity2023-06-01T15:21:33-04:00

Why Self-Care Starts with Self-Reflection

This week, I want to talk about our view on life, realizing that a small shift in our thinking can bring great insight and maybe reduce some of our daily stress. Instead of seeing life happening to us and shifting to seeing our life as happening for us, this is when we can begin to embrace the moments as opportunities to grow.

Why Self-Care Starts with Self-Reflection2023-04-20T16:42:58-04:00

How to get Better Results by Slowing Down

This week I want to talk about less is more. I feel like there is a great myth in life that connects our worth – our personal internal worth – to our productivity. We, in our busy life, tend to ignore our hunger, how tired we are. We work through sickness. We push our bladders to the brink because there’s always something more to do. There’s always something that needs to get done.

How to get Better Results by Slowing Down2023-04-20T16:43:21-04:00

How our Emotions and Organs are Connected

This week, I want to talk about our organs, our emotions, and the time of day. My recent visit to the hospital in early January made me very aware of my lungs. The threat of not being able to breathe was very real and a very big learning moment for me. But once I knew I was okay, I started to think about – I know I’m weird, I started to think about my traditional Chinese medicine and the miracle of our body and how it works.

How our Emotions and Organs are Connected2023-04-20T16:43:56-04:00

Listen to Your Liver!

Finally, we’re seeing a little shift in the weather. This is the time that we know as spring. It means we renew and new beginnings and we talk about spring cleaning and opening the windows, decluttering, cleaning out, freshening up in traditional Chinese medicine. And if you remember, I’ve spoken about this in the past that each season has organs that are related to it.

Listen to Your Liver!2023-04-20T16:44:27-04:00

How To Bring Balance Into Your Busy Life

This week I want to talk about three glass jars. It is extremely difficult to see a higher learning when we’re in the middle of a health scare. The stay in early January that I had at the hospital set me on such a journey to look for the greater learning in a pretty traumatic moment in my life. So what was the greater learning?

How To Bring Balance Into Your Busy Life2023-04-20T16:44:53-04:00

Why It’s OK to Take a Nap

This week I want to talk about napping. How many of us are not getting the rest that we need? And we do need to reset and replenish ourselves and as I am still doing – recover and recuperate. And this is what I’m learning after my recent health event, listening to our bodies when it tells us it’s tired. It’s very, very important to rest.

Why It’s OK to Take a Nap2023-04-20T16:45:19-04:00
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