The most valuable lesson I have learned is that the most meaningful journey is the inner journey.



Autumn’s Wellness Symphony

. This week, I want to talk about the fall. It's such a wonderful time of year. It's so colorful, cool and crisp. And it truly is a time of transition. This is the time of year that nature begins to move inward, storing its energy, dropping its foliage and conserving energy for the cooler months. This change, whether we're aware of it or not, it affects all of us.

Healing from Within

I have been talking a lot about being friends with our body, tuning in to ourselves, loving ourselves. The truth is that this can be a full time job. And as we are holding on to our physical and emotional self all day, those around us may not be so aware of themselves, and the words and opinions that they share can hurt us.

Bouncing Back

This week, I want to continue our conversation about our chakras. We're hopefully understanding a little bit more about our energy and how we can help our health. When we are feeling stuck, understanding our chakra centers and how we can move that energy, move that energy around to feel better, well, that's very empowering.

The Warmth Within

This week I wanted to kind of do a recap. How's your summer been? How have you been keeping up with your self-care? How about our boundaries? You know, we're about to start that last slide into the last few months of the year, and for some reason we just feel like we got to fit it all in and we get crazy.

Whiskers of Wisdom

This week I wish to talk about the word dog. I just want to talk about this amazing rescue pup that we brought into our family in March of this year. We'd been looking for a friend for Hoshi for quite a while. And so this new little girl - her name is Nori from her DNA that we did for her.

Shades of Strength

This week I was thinking about the word ‘grey’. It seems to be the color, the hair color that is. Maybe it's because of my age, but I see young and old with beautiful grey hair. It has become a color of youth and not a color of age.

Pack Smart, Travel Happy

This week I want to talk about packing for travel. I don't know about you, but you've probably gotten back into your life a little more quickly than I have. My health event in January gave me a slow start to getting back to “normal”. But here we are in the summer and planning our first trip in four years. It made me think about everyone traveling and what and how we decide what to bring with us.

Discovering Inner Harmony

For those that don’t know what our chakras are, they are our energy centers in our body and we have seven of them. Each chakra moves in a spinning motion that filters the energy of the environment around us and helps disperse it. There are events in our lives. Emotional. Traumatic that hit our chakras. And then our chakras will close.

Honoring Your Body

This week, I want to talk about being friends with our body. Oh, maybe you're rolling your eyes. But you know what? I feel like at times we kind of separate. We're all in our heads and we separate, and we're at odds with our bodies. And I have talked about connecting the dots with how our food and our environment and our movement affect our body.

Busy Day, Healthy Choices

This week I thought I would talk a little bit about our food on a busy day. You know what? It's that time of year when we're out and about. We have more time for our outside activities and we may not be thinking about or planning our food for the day. It's so important for our self-care to not get dehydrated and hungry when we're out for the day.

The Beauty of Authenticity

This week, since it's that time of year where maybe we've got some vacations, we're away from home and we're with different groups of people. I thought I'd talk about sharing our stories. I hope you've discovered how fun and easy it is to start and have a good, meaningful conversation with someone. Everyone has something to share. Everyone has a story to tell to facilitate connecting and sharing our stories.

The Power of Small Moments

This week, let's go back and talk a little bit more about self-care. Why is it that maybe we don't put enough of it into our day? I was thinking if we broke it down into micro moments in our day, maybe we could find a little bit more time for self-care. So the micro moments are the moments in between, the moments in between a meeting or maybe a meal, or maybe you're driving somewhere.

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