The most valuable lesson I have learned is that the most meaningful journey is the inner journey.

Bouncing Back

How to master your body’s energy systems for optimal health

Jean Edelman: Great to be with you this week. This week, I want to continue our conversation about our chakras and I want to talk about our energy in our conversations about our chakras. We’re hopefully understanding a little bit more about our energy and how we can help our health. When we are feeling stuck, understanding our chakra centers and how we can move that energy, move that energy around to feel better, well, that’s very empowering. Where are some of the best places to be and what are the best things to do to replenish this energy and to help us so we don’t get stuck?

Well, being out in the sunshine and taking in that wonderful fresh air and being in nature, that is the best way to replenish and keep that energy flowing. Listening to music, whether it’s classical, whether it’s something that Motown gets you up and dancing and singing and laughing and smiling, that’s when we’re replenishing our energy. If we’re sitting and reading a good book or we’re resting, that’s another time to replenish our energy. Our movement, our yoga, our Tai Chi, our Qi Gong – these are beautiful opportunities to move our energy, making sure we’re staying hydrated and absolutely finding quiet time so that we can process our life.

And we absolutely now that we understand our body better and we’re better in tune with our body, we want to make clean, healthy, whole food choices. Because now that we’ve got our energy flowing and we’re feeling better, you know, the normal guidelines of staying away from sugar and staying away from a lot of cookies and cakes and things like that because sugar creates inflammation. And if we’re trying to keep our energy moving and flowing, we want to be eating clean, whole healthy food, lots of fruits and vegetables and legumes and rice and grains and lots of great stuff that our body just loves to enjoy. And we feel better when we eat it. So that’s our energy and that’s moving and that’s replenishing ourselves.

So now the question is how to pay attention to when and where our energy is depleted because this is all about learning about ourselves and our life. And the goal is to notice and to reduce the situations and people that drain our energy. Well, how do we know if we’re being depleted and we need to be refreshed? Well, we tune in if we have an interaction, if we have a meeting or if we’re going somewhere, how do we feel afterwards?

That’s really the answer to the question. Are we feeling tired? Are we feeling cranky? Well, that is a situation that has depleted your energy versus are we feeling happy, joyful? Are we feeling satisfied? That is a wonderful situation where your energy was refreshed and replenished.

And so the action item of this week is to notice something after an encounter or a situation, how are we feeling? Are we feeling refreshed, fulfilled, or are we feeling tired and depleted and stressed? And so that’s when we can make better decisions and that’s when we can understand to get back outside, to feel a little bit better, and then we can set some boundaries and move forward. So it’s all good. It’s all moving in the direction of balance and good health, understanding our energy.

And so this week is simple. The word of the week is Energy.

The E is for Engaged because we want to be engaged with our self. We want to tune in during the micro moments in our day. How are we feeling? Are we feeling low and depleted? And can we find some moments to refresh and refill ourselves?

The N is for Natural, which is intrinsic and ingrained, and this should be our intuition and our people antenna. If we are in tune with ourselves, we can navigate our life better. Our natural self is our best self. Our natural self is our authentic self.

The E is for Elation, extreme happiness, because that is how we feel when we are replenished and we are feeling good in our body.

The R is for Radiant. We will glow when we are in the flow of our life. When we set boundaries, we are at our best because then we can spend time in our day with what fills us up.

The G is for Grace. This is what we have for ourselves and this is what we have for others. Because when we are about to encounter something that we know isn’t probably the most pleasant, this is when we can pause. We can take a break. We can take a breath. We can set a positive intention, and we can exude that grace and kindness and gratitude. And you know what? They won’t know what hit them because that will just take over the room. That will just take over the situation and it will be a pleasant and beautiful time with that person because we have set that intention for it to be.

And the Y is for Yes, because all is possible. Stay positive. Stay filled with what brings us joy and understanding our energy and learning to move it when it gets a little stuck. This will ease our life and this will ease our day. And this will help bring us to balance.

Have a wonderful week, everyone. Stay plugged into your energy. Move it around when you need to see how you feel. Understand the differences. Be your best self. Have a wonderful week, everyone.

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