The most valuable lesson I have learned is that the most meaningful journey is the inner journey.

Discovering Inner Harmony

How balancing our 7 Chakras brings us physical, mental and spiritual well-being

Jean Edelman: Great to be with you this week. This week I would like to continue our conversation about our chakras. I started the conversation a few weeks ago, and for those that don’t know what our chakras are, they are our energy centers in our body and we have seven of them. Each chakra moves in a spinning motion that filters the energy of the environment around us and helps disperse it. There are events in our lives. Emotional. Traumatic that hit our chakras. And then our chakras will close.

So think about it. When our chakras are closed, then that energy isn’t moving and it’s not filtering and dispersing whatever needs to get filtered and dispersed.

So let me go back to the first three chakras that I spoke about. The first chakra is our root chakra. It’s at the base of our spine. It’s our connection to Earth and the fundamental needs for survival, sustenance, shelter, health and safety. It is related to our legs, our feet, our skeletal system, muscle tissue, immune system and adrenal glands. And the best way to help our root chakra is to walk and be in nature.

Our second chakra is in our lower abdomen. It is our chakra of creativity, vitality and passion for life. It affects our kidneys, our bladder, our reproductive organs. And so the best way to nourish and help our second chakra is to dance with good rhythmic music drumming. The point is to move and lose ourselves in these sounds that we are enjoying.

Our third chakra is located at our solar plexus. It is our personal power, our sense of place in the world, our confidence and self-esteem. It affects our digestive system, our lower back and our pancreas. And the best way to nourish our third chakra is with yoga and a very nice exercise called cat and cow. But let’s continue the conversation with our fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh chakra.

Our fourth chakra is known as our heart chakra. It is our ability to have unconditional love, empathy for others, and our love of self. It affects our lungs, our heart, our thymus gland. The best way to nourish our heart chakra is to sing, to expand our chest, to breathe deeply in our diaphragm. This chakra, as we all, I am sure have experienced, is wounded so easily. And so when we are feeling our heart chakra that somebody has just stabbed us in our heart. It’s nice to remember to nourish our heart chakra as maybe a gentle massage over our heart. This can help when we’re feeling hurt. It can be very helpful when this chakra is out of balance. When this chakra is in balance, we are able to give and receive unconditional love, and every single one of us is deserving of unconditional love.

Our fifth chakra. This chakra is at our throat. It is called our throat chakra. This is our communication center. We express ourselves with integrity. We’re not hurtful to others. And the area of our body that is affected by our throat chakra is our neck, our shoulders, our arms and our thyroid gland. The best way to help this chakra is to sing again. Be out in nature, breathe, move, self-massage to help release some of these muscles. When this chakra is in balance, we can hear and be heard without current fears and we can hear and be heard without affecting what we say and what we hear. This is a very important chakra to have open and flowing.

Our sixth chakra is between our eyebrows. It is known as our third eye. This is where our conscious world meets our unconscious world. This is our imagination, our inspiration. This is tuning into our inner nature. This chakra affects our eyes and our pituitary gland. The way to nourish this chakra is walking meditation, yoga, tai chi, any activity where we can just lose ourselves. When this chakra is in balance, we are in connection to our intuition and we can make better decisions for ourselves.

Our seventh chakra. This is at the top of our head and it is known as our crown chakra. This chakra is our portal that our life force enters our body. It is filtered through every part of our body and to every other chakra. The strength and vitality of this chakra reflects our personal development. It affects our central nervous system and our pineal gland.

So the best way to nourish this chakra is to get our feet higher than our head. A nice yoga pose is to lay on the floor and put our legs up against the wall. This helps improve our circulation. This helps our seventh chakra when we are in balance. We have a sense of inner peace. We have access to our innate wisdom and we understand the connection with all living things. We are the moments in our life. But if there is any cause or trauma or stress or emotional upset, it leaves energetic residue. And so it’s important to clear our clogged past hurts and our grievances. And the way to do that is to understand our chakras, understand how they work and understand how to nourish them.

So our action item for the week is to sit quietly. What chakra feels blocked? Can we identify a moment that would have closed it? Sit right. Move. Work with our body to open it back up.

So our word of the week is going to be Chakra.

The C is for Clear understanding that our body is an amazing miracle and we are energy. The ultimate self-care is to be able to have the tools to clear our energetic body when we are bombarded with something to clear.

The H is for Harmony because this is what we want for our whole body and being in tune to help our energetic self, to unclog with movement, with music, with singing. This is the best way to have balance and health.

The A is for Active. This is what we need to be healthy and to stay healthy. Move this energetic body. Don’t let the emotions or events clog and stifle us.

The K is for Kind. More to be kind to ourselves. We are not perfect. We are not permanent. And we are not complete. Which means we get to build on our moments in the micro moments of our day towards our health and our balance.

The R is for Real because we want to be true and authentic and that is a fulfilling life. And we can be that when we learn about our energetic body and how to keep it moving and how to keep it healthy.

And the A is for Admire, admire who we are. We are here for this journey. We are in our health journey. Tomorrow is different and we can improve.

We can learn and we can move into balance. Use our tools. Can we now understand that we are more than this physical? We are an energetic being and understanding these energetics will help us be healthier.

I love to learn about things like chakras and our energy bodies. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities. We are all connected. We are on this one earth. Take the time to feel into our energetic self. We can find a level of love and acceptance that no one, no one can take from us. Have a beautiful week, everyone.

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