The most valuable lesson I have learned is that the most meaningful journey is the inner journey.

Earth School is in Session

How opening our hearts changes our view of the world

Jean Edelman: Great to be with you this week. This week I was listening to one of my podcasts and it reminded me that this is earth school and it reminded me that the curriculum or the lessons that we are to learn is love. And so, these are just some reminders that we are on earth school and the lesson is love.

It is time for us to understand that we are all one species. on this planet. It is time for us to understand that we need each other. It’s time for us to understand that we’re all connected. It’s time for us to understand that judgment and hate are destructive. It’s time for us to learn from our past. If we don’t, the mistakes will repeat and repeat until we finally get it. It’s time that we learn that we are not our ancestral struggles. It’s time that we learn that all we need is within us. It’s time we learn that our intuition is the answer to all of our questions. It’s time to learn that life is an inner journey and the rest is noise. It’s time to learn that we need to love each other all the time, embrace our differences, and stop judging. It’s time to learn that if we can show kindness, and love to others. That is the greatest gift. It’s time to love ourselves, to love all animals, to love our earth, our ocean, our trees, our birds, our bees. We rely on each other and it’s time to learn that nature is the answer. Let it heal us. Let it soothe us. Let it calm us. Go outside and listen to the birds singing and breathe.

The action item or exercise this week is learning to love and live from our heart. I’m going to ask you to stop, take a minute to clear our heads, check in with our emotions and visualize opening our heart. Feel it beating outside of our body, feel it beating beyond our body and creating a field of love and kindness. As we encounter others, they will feel this bubble of love coming from us. As we lose this bubble, we can stop at any time, take a breath, clear our head, check our emotions, and visualize opening our heart. We can try this before a meeting, before we start our workday. When we get out of bed, try it and see how it changes our day. Because when we live from our heart, life will change for us and those around us.

And so, my word of the week is simple, it’s Heart.

The H is for Hug because everybody needs a hug.

The E is for Empathy, to care and have compassion. It is time to see each other. As a beautiful soul with purpose. And we come into each other’s lives to live, learn, and grow.

The A is for Admire, to honor and respect. It is time to honor respect and admire each other. We need to admire each other for who we are and where we are in our journey. And if someone needs a hand, we need to be there for them.

The R is to Refresh, to energize and revitalize. And we can do this for each other. We can do this when we find people that fill us with joy and laughter and happiness.

And the T is for Truth to be authentic. Because when we come from our heart, we are always in our personal truth. We need to remember that life is for us and life comes from us. And living from our heart will enrich our days on this planet.

I encourage you to try this exercise and to just try it for 10 minutes. See how things change around you. It’s time that we understand this earth school and it’s time that we truly comprehend the lesson of love. Have a wonderful week.

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