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“Jean’s presentation on “10 strategies that let you become the best version of yourself” really resonated with our Invest in Women conference attendees. Her ability to connect with the audience is a gift that will have a meaningful impact as these financial advisors improve their clients’ lives beyond their portfolios.”

Charlie Stroller
Chairman, CEO, CFO
Financial Advisor and Private Wealth Magazines

“Jean brings warmth and a sense of ease to any stage she takes. Her ability to connect with an audience is instantaneous, as she can deliver clear and concise thoughts, all while painting a picture that puts the audience at the center of the conversation. Jean excels in any format in any environment, making her an ideal speaker across a range of topics. Both Jean and her team are a pleasure to work with.”

John Swolfs
Chief Content Officer & Co-Founder
Advisor Circle


“As our businesses evolve and we take care of our clients… finding a way to get to the other side of money and help them in ways that are beyond financial, is terrific! Jean did a great job of giving us great ideas of how to do that. It was very rewarding in that regard.”

Rick Buoncore
Managing Partner
MAI Capital Management