The most valuable lesson I have learned is that the most meaningful journey is the inner journey.

How Brave Are You?

How our inner courage lets us embrace – and overcome – everyday challenges

Jean Edelman: Great to be with you this week. This week there is one word that’s been floating around and it’s the word brave. And this one question has been popping up in every aspect of my life. How brave are you? Have you ever thought of going to war? We have a friend who just made all the arrangements and went to Israel to help in any way that he could.

How brave are you when it comes to a family member who needs a life change for their safety and well-being? How brave are you to step up and make it all happen? How brave are you when we have a pet that is suffering and we have to say goodbye? How brave are you to set that date? To say our farewell? How brave are you when we have a friend that’s diagnosed with a deadly illness? How brave are you to sit and be with them even when we’re facing our own mortality? How brave are you?

There are so many times when it’s easier just to walk in the opposite direction. There are times when we must muster up all of our strength, all the strength we have. Being brave means trusting ourselves.

Being brave means trusting our intuition. Being brave knows that we are doing the right thing. How brave are you to live your best life? And are you brave enough to speak your truth? Are you brave enough? It’s a very powerful word.

And so my word of the week is Brave.

The B is for Believe. Believing in ourselves. Believing we have all the strength we need when the time comes.

The R is for Real, to be true and authentic. When we are brave, we are in alignment with ourselves, our true selves.

The A is to Activate. There are dormant parts of our body deep within. And when we are brave and we call that strength up, we are roused. We enable and we initiate these silent aspects of ourselves.

The V is to Vivify, to activate something, to enliven. And that is what we’re doing when we get brave, when we find those pieces of ourselves.

And the E is to Emerge, to surface and arise when we find that bravery. When we can follow through with the right actions, there is no greater feeling.

The action item of this week is to look around, look around and see how brave you are. See how brave the people around you are. See how brave the people in your life are. All those moments when you had to muster up everything, you had to move forward. Be brave. Have a wonderful week everyone.

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