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How to Laugh Your Way to Better Health

The self-care science behind smiles and having fun

Jean Edelman: Great to be with you this week. Here’s a question. Are we having fun yet? When I think of fun, I think of two things laughter and learning. When we’re laughing, we’re smiling. When we’re smiling, we’re breathing. When we’re breathing, we’re relaxed. When we’re relaxed, we’re in the moment. And when we are in the moment, we have a mental release. There’s so much research on the benefits of laughing, and there is a hormone released when we laugh. And the Mayo Clinic talks a lot about laughter, improving our immune system by releasing neuropeptides that reduce our stress. Laughter also releases a natural painkiller. Sometimes life gets so bizarre you cannot make it up. And it is better to laugh than to dive into the abyss.

So, the action item for this week is keep things funny, keep things that make you laugh, close by, post a funny card or a cartoon where you can see it often have your favorite funny movies close by, listen to funny podcast, try laugh yoga, hang out with positive, happy, funny people. And one footnote though, don’t laugh at the expense of others. Nuff said.

The same holds true for learning. When we are engaged in something different, say we’re in the garden or say we’re working on a project that gives us a mental release.
That mental release provides relaxation, and we are breathing, and we are smiling and we are in the moment.

Laughter and learning both hand in hand, both wonderful benefits to us. And again, we’re out and about this summer. We’re learning. We’re laughing with others. We’re sitting around the campfire or having a barbecue. We’re in a different state or a country. We’re learning something new. It’s a wonderful time to combine this laughter and this learning.

So, my word of the week is Joke, because in order to laugh, we need a good joke every once in a while.

The J is for Join. To bring together and to connect. That is what laughter does. We come together for a moment that lasts a lifetime.

The O is for Oasis, a place of calm in the midst of chaos and laughter helps keep that weight of the world away, even if it’s for just a few moments.

The K is for Karma, the destiny we earn through our actions. I love this. When we are kind and compassionate and we are bringing laughter to others, we earn good karma.

The E is for Ecstasy. A feeling of intense joy. A good laugh can last moments, hours, even a lifetime. Find fun and laughter and learning. A great journey to embark on this summer.

I wish you many, many laughs and joy every day. Have a wonderful week, everyone.

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