The most valuable lesson I have learned is that the most meaningful journey is the inner journey.

Intuition Unleashed

How to navigate life’s questions by trusting your instincts

Jean Edelman: Hi, I’m Jean Edelman. For decades, I’ve been a student of the healing arts, Reiki, traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, plant based and macrobiotic cooking. Join me on this journey and hear my word of the week.

Great to be with you this week. This week I want to talk about the word “ask”. When we’re unsure of something, we ask others. We ask Alexa or Siri or Wikipedia. But here’s a question: Do we ever stop and check in with ourselves and ask ourselves?

This is an ongoing project for myself. It’s a test of our intuition. It’s a test of trusting what we’re feeling. And once we kind of get used to it, the correct path always kind of shows up when we ask ourselves, how do we know the difference between a yes and a no?

Well, here’s something to practice for me anyway. It’s in my gut. It’s a feeling. So I ask the question and then I tune in to how I feel. The place that we can practice this is when we can go to the grocery store. We can stand in front of some fruits or vegetables. And as we’re standing there, kind of just looking around, take a moment. How do we feel about that fruit or vegetable? Does it feel like it’d be something we want to eat? You know what? You’ll get a yes or a no. It won’t feel good. So you’ll put it down and you’ll go find something else that does feel good.

How about when we’re cooking and we’re standing in front of the fridge? What creativity is coming up to pull together our meal? That’s using our intuition that’s asking…and then making decisions to participate.

This is the time of year where there are many invitations and obligations. But before we give our Yes, how about we take a moment and ask: Is this the best use of my time? Will it feel better to be there? Will I be more happy and will it be fulfilling gathering?

So the action item is to practice this take time this week to feel into your answers. It could be as simple as what route to take. It could be as simple as which chore to start, what client to call. Feel into our day and how it can guide us. We will get to know ourselves better or we’ll get to trust ourselves better. It’s a really fun exercise. There’s no right or wrong, but it is just kind of fun. I feel like this is the year of intuition and really checking in, so this is a really fun exercise.

And so my word of the week is simple. It’s Ask.

The A is for Allow – to pause and breathe and allow the answer to come because it will trust that it will and trust you will know it’s the right answer.

The S is to Slow down in order to be in tune with ourselves, our life, our decisions. We need to slow down when we’re rushing. There’s no way that we can pick up the right answer and so slow it down so we can tune in and we can know what is the right direction.

And the K is for Kind – to have compassion for ourselves. We are amazing souls. We can know ourselves and we can know the best path for ourselves. It just takes time. It just takes practice and it just takes trust, asking and hearing and trusting the answers.

That’s the journey. It’s a beautiful life and it’s so much fun. No one can rock our world when it comes from within. And so go practice asking yourself. Have a great week, everyone.

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