The most valuable lesson I have learned is that the most meaningful journey is the inner journey.

Reclaiming Your Narrative

Why it’s important to let go of old issues and relationships that hold us back

Jean Edelman: Great to be with you this week. This week I want to talk about the word recalibrate. It’s a great word. It’s not any word that I have brought into my vocabulary, because when I was a kid, I would work with my dad on the cars and he would recalibrate whatever it was. I don’t even remember what we recalibrated, but we did it when we were working on the car. But recently, a wise and wonderful friend shared the word with me, and the word has given me tremendous perspective.

Recalibrate means to reexamine, to reexamine one’s thinking, a plan, a system of values, and correct it in accord with a new understanding or purpose. As we move through these chapters in our life, we need to recalibrate. We cannot be rigid and stuck in one place. Life is about flow, and this word recalibrate can help us understand these stages of life. It can help us understand how we can change and how change is wonderful. We can recalibrate our work. We can recalibrate our house. We can recalibrate our partner.

Each day we change and grow and we get to improve ourselves. And it makes sense to recalibrate. This healthy mindset can help us move forward without holding on to the past. It can help us focus on what can be Ric and I have been married for 40 plus years. I think this year is 41. We have recalibrated our relationship many times. Otherwise we would not have had this long, wonderful, loving relationship. We recalibrated when we left our company. That was a hard recalibration. I think we’re still working on it, but we’re getting through it and all is well.

But we still remember that life is coming from us and life is for us. The lessons we learn when we recalibrate are priceless. We grow and improve as human beings and that’s truly the point of this journey.

And so the action item for this week is find some quiet time. Look at our life. Are there areas where a recalibration would be healthy? Are there old issues that are holding us back? Are there areas of our life that maybe we’re not dealing with? Can a recalibration shed some light to help us bring the change that’s needed? It’s a wonderful word. Think about it.

So my word of the week is going to be Change.

The C is to Care. When we care for each other, it makes it easier to dig deep and make the changes we need to keep our friendships and our relationships healthy and alive.

The H is for Harmony. When we work in agreement and this is what we want, if we notice we are more fussy with someone, it’s time to really look and see what changes need to be made.

The A is to Ask, talk to each other, ask for help. When we’re struggling with something, a great recalibration depends on great communication. Be brave and start the conversation.

The N is to Notice, to observe and notice the changes around us. If someone we know and love starts acting out of character or stops communicating altogether. It’s time to step in and ask what’s going on and can we help.

The G is for Grateful for everyone in our lives, everyone we know we are meant to share this lifetime with this journey with. Be grateful every day for everyone in our lives.

The E is for Empathy, care, compassion, and understanding. We’re all humans on this planet, spinning in this wide universe. We should care about each other. We should help each other whenever we can. Have a wonderful week everyone.

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