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Sounds Enhance Body Balance

Discover how vibrational therapy improves physical and emotional wellness

Jean Edelman: Great to be with you this week. This week, I want to talk about sound healing. And this may be something new and maybe something you’ve never heard of before. But as we talk about our health and our nutrients and taking care of our brain and our body and our self-talk and protecting ourselves, there’s some fun healing modalities out there. And I want to share this one with you because for some reason, all of a sudden I’m seeing a lot being written about it and I’m hearing a lot about it.

So a long time ago I purchased tuning forks. If you have a piano, you’ve seen the piano tuner with their tuning forks. Well, I’ve been playing with this on and off for many years. But starting in January, I’ve actually started using them every day. They really resonate with me. Ha ha, no pun intended. But when I hit them and they make their tone, I hold them close to my ears and the tone vibrates through my body. I feel totally relaxed. My breath deepens. And I feel tremendous inner calm. And I just want to share this with you because I want us to understand a little bit more about our body, our energy and sound vibration.

So our energy, our body has 12 meridian channels, 12 major channels in our physical body. All these channels connect to our internal organs and these 12 channels, six end in our hands and the other six end in our feet. And these energy channels work together as a team to help us have good health. But I think first we need to understand that they’re there and understand how they work. So when you go for acupuncture, if you’ve ever gone for acupuncture, the needles, they are opening our blocked meridians. This opening helps our body heal. So think about us being constantly bombarded with noise, yelling, cell phones, mowers, blowers, horns, honking, airplanes. These are vibrations and this noise actually can adversely affect us. A lot of times we’re used to it, we tune it out. But if we pay attention to these noises, these noises can actually make our heart race and make us feel stressed. And so we call this noise pollution and whether you believe it or not, it is affecting us. And so these meridians I speak about, they are an aspect of our energy body.

And the other piece of this that I wished for us to understand is that our body is made up mostly of water. We have our muscles, our cells. So when we’re around something that’s loud and unpleasant, we take in that vibration, we take in that sound wave. So think of a submarine using sonar to ping the ocean. This is the daily bombardment of noise that hits us throughout the day. And so what’s happening is – when we don’t feel well, we have these energy blockages. So that means that some of these meridians, some of these energy lines are blocked. Now this blockage can be caused by trauma, stress, poor eating, not sleeping. But the thing is that if we stay blocked, we will have dis-ease. Think of a pipe getting backed up, and this is what happens when our energetic meridians get blocked.

So how do we use sound? How do we use sound to heal? Well, I want us to think about an ultrasound that we use to examine masses in our body or we use sound vibrations to break up a kidney or gallbladder stone. We’re even now using high intensity focused ultrasound to treat cancer. And so if you think about this, there are sound healing tools to help us create soothing vibrations, soothing vibrations that just help the water in our body and the bones. So these soothing healing sound tools, we use them to create soothing vibrations, which then vibrates through the water and bone in our body. And it helps unblock these energetic meridians.

So, for instance, these healing sound tools are the tuning forks that I have. There are crystal singing bowls. There are Tibetan singing bowls. There are drums. There are gongs. So maybe what we can do if you’re interested in continuing the journey of health and healing is to investigate some of these sound healing techniques because they will help reduce stress and help us sleep. So one modality that you could look for is maybe a mantra meditation class. So a mantra meditation class is where we chant a mantra. Maybe you’ve heard the “om” when you practice yoga, but this mantra is actually vibrating through our body and it is helping us relax.

Another modality is sound therapy or a sound bath. They include using the singing bowls or the gongs or the drums. These sounds help us relax. You can go on YouTube and look for a recorded sound bath. Maybe we’re familiar with music therapy. We all know how music can affect our mood. But try listening to soothing music that will help us have less stress. Johns Hopkins Center for Music and Medicine is researching the effect of music on patients who’ve had a stroke, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s. The musical memories persist even when other recollection disappears. Singing and other shared music can be a great way to connect. I’ve often talked about our time in nature. A good walk in the woods or on the beach is very restorative. Listening to the birds or listening to the ocean. Tuning into these noises of the world can help us unwind and relax. And when we are in nature, our focus goes outward into those birds and the wind. And these sounds redirect our mind away from our inward stress.

So our action item, I know it may sound different, but I want you to explore. Look for a sound healing experience. When Ric and I were recently traveling, I actually got to go to a sound healing class. And it was amazing. You just lay there and they just use all these bowls and bells and drums. And I’ll tell you, the relaxation lasted for a few days afterward. And also recently I’ve heard about a sound healing massage. So check it out, it’s interesting. It’s a new way to relax, and it’s always fun to learn something new.

So my word of the week is going to be Heal.

The H is to Help. Our body always needs our help to stay in balance. We can help ourselves by understanding how it works. Not just what we see, more of what we don’t see. Our energy, our meridians, our vibrational body. I’ll tell you, when I use my tuning forks in the morning, I feel happy cells relaxing all the way through my body.

The E is for Effortless, because when we allow sound to heal us, we don’t have to do anything. We just need to relax and enjoy, and then feel the effects afterwards.

The A is for Allow. Allow our bodies to go back into balance, giving it a chance to relax. Because this rebalance is a wonderful, wonderful gift.

And the L is to Listen. When we’re out of sorts, we’re cranky, we’re not sleeping. These are signals as I chatted about, something is amiss. So let’s stop. Let’s find a nice sound massage or sound healing class or get some acupuncture or go get yourself a tuning fork. But the opportunity for calm and quiet is the goal because our bodies need a break.
Have a wonderful week, everyone, and I hope you check out some sound healing.

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