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Soups for Summer Days

Experience the delight of turning seasonal produce into cool treats

Jean Edelman: Great to be with you this week. This week I want to talk about soup. Soup is another wonderful summertime treat. You can do all kinds of cool soups, cucumber, strawberry, just wonderful, wonderful soups to add to our summer repertoire. And there is nothing like a wonderful cup of soup. Taking the time to chop the fruit or the veggies. Letting them simmer together to create something nourishing and satisfying that is wonderful for our self-care.

We’re trying to slow down during the summer, soup is a nice answer. The bountiful gardens gives summertime a multitude of recipes to cool us off or offer a bit of warmth. Adding a colorful salad and we have created the perfect summertime meal.

Soup can help us slow down, whether we’re hot or cold, just savoring those flavors is just a wonderful, wonderful time and a wonderful, wonderful way to care and nourish ourselves.

So it’s simple this week and the action item is it’s summertime. So how about a plan to a wonderful farmer’s market where color is the key.

And my word of the week is Soup.

The S is for Soul, to satisfy and comfort our soul with a beautiful, colorful, cold or warm soup. It heals us to the core and we feel loved and cared for.

The O is for Options, to have alternatives because we have choices and selections and the summer variety is bountiful. For good health we do want a good variety of food and the summertime is the best time for this.

The U is for Unique, because our cooking styles and our cooking, we’re one of a kind just like us. We can all look at a recipe and it will all come out differently because we are the magic ingredient.

The P is for Patience, because it takes time and taking our time to create nice food. It’s not always going to be perfect, but patience and taking our time and putting our love and our energy into the food. That’s what counts. We are what we eat. We are our environment. We are our past, and it all makes us for our beautiful, healthy, balanced future.

So if we cook nice food for ourselves and our family, and these are the moments and memories that last forever, I can still savor and taste my grandmother’s food. These are moments we need to cherish and share. I hope you make some wonderful soup this week. I can taste the strawberry soup right now. Remember life is for us. And remember life comes from us. And living from our heart will enrich all of our days on this planet.

Enjoy your soup this week, everyone.

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