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Summertime is Funtime

How scheduling leisure first can lead to greater happiness and productivity

Jean Edelman: Great to be with you this week. This week I want to continue our June discussion about summertime and scheduling the fun. Summertime is naturally a time when we want to slow down from our work commitments and begin to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends a whole lot more. But here’s the question. Are we scheduling the fun? I think some of us might have it backwards.

A recent conversation with someone, they’d gone out for a morning bike ride with some friends and it was the first time and they enjoyed it. So I asked, would you like to do it again? And the response was, well, I have to look at my schedule. I thought to myself, this is backwards. If we really enjoy doing something, we should schedule that first and put the rest of the schedule and the have to do’s after that. I don’t know about you, but am I thinking about that the wrong way? The fun needs to come first, and the rest of it can just get done when we have time for it.

Our beloved friend, Anne Marie, we miss her terribly, but she always scheduled fun first. She was our inspiration and our motivation to have fun. You know what? We have to work hard at it and we have to be mindful to put the fun in our day. There’s so much during the summer that we can do to shift our routine. We can get out on the water, go get on some bikes, fly a kite, take a hike, maybe try camping, fire up the barbecue, put out a big puzzle and let everybody play with it as they come and go during the day. There’s just so much and we just have to think about it that we need to schedule the fun.

So my action item this week is let’s look at how we look at fun. Is it something that we’ll put off for, oh, I’ll get to it later when I’m done X, Y, Z, whatever that is, or is it something that we schedule into our day, into our week? It’s a good thing to think about, and I do think some of us have it backwards, but I think it’s all fixable, because it’s summertime. And we want to be out and having fun.
And so my word of the week is Fun.

The F is to Find, to locate and discover. This is the best part of summer. There’s always something new and wonderful to explore. Who says you have to go away? Do a staycation, go somewhere, check out a museum, go take a ride. There’s so much to explore around where we are. It’s wonderful and it’s so much more fun during the summer.

The U is to Unwind. To relax and destress. And hopefully scheduling in the fun and our summertime activities will help us relax. Because we really do want to reset, relax, restore, and rejuvenate ourselves as much as possible. So schedule that time in.

The N is for Nature. Nature, our earth, our environment. Get out in it. Nature is our greatest healer. Being outside on a nice, cool day with a breeze, there’s nothing better. So schedule the fun, have a great time. I hope to hear about fun things that you’re scheduling. Go find a new museum, something fun close by that you’ve never done before. Remember, life is for us and life comes from us. And living from our heart will enrich our days on this planet.

Have a wonderful week, everyone. Go out and explore and go out and find some new fun.

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