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The Power of Giggles

Discover how laughter can enhance physical and mental wellness

Jean Edelman: Great to be with you this week. This week I want to talk about laughing. Hopefully we’ve been taking baby steps and eating a little better and in a better mood and feeding our brain and our guts feeling a little bit better and we’re protecting ourselves and we have a little bit better self-talk. So now hopefully laughing is coming more naturally.

Laughing is so good for our mood, our mind, our body. Laughing on a regular basis gives us a reservoir of energy. It helps mitigate our stress. It helps reduce inflammation. And it actually does boost our immune system. There are even benefits to our cardiovascular, pulmonary, and respiratory systems. Because what laughter is doing is it’s tightening our diaphragm, our chest, our abdominal muscles, and it’s helping our lungs push out stale air and bring in fresh. Emotionally, when we share laughter, it diffuses our tension and it builds bonds and creates a community. It helps us with depression and is helpful during difficult times.

Some tips to find more laughter in our day is first to seek it. Maybe put on the comedy channel or a funny movie. There’s laughter yoga. I know that’s been around for quite a while. Smile. When we smile, we’re sending endorphins to our brain and the door opens for dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. And we just started to feel better and it’s contagious. So smile. Make time for play. You know, when we get older, I think we forget this. Have a game night, get some toys out, get on the ground, play with the kids, show them how you can get up and down without assistance. Get the grandkids. If we’re laughing, we’re reaping the benefits. We’re creating memories. We’re creating moments that will last a lifetime. And lastly, give our self-permission to try permission to be silly and have fun. We need to stop being serious adults. Improve that self-talk. Make a new statement. I’m young and fun and love to laugh.

So our action item for the week is we don’t always need to be the adults in the room, observe and catch ourselves when we step into that role, say thank you, and then shift over to the fun version of ourselves.

So my word of the week is simple. It’s Laugh.

The L is for Lasting.
Because when we have a good laugh, and we remember that moment forever, the bond with that group or those people stays with us for a lifetime.

The A is to Appreciate. We appreciate each other. Because when we’re laughing, we’re in the moment. And we have each other.

The U is for Unity, harmony, and agreement. The world needs much more laughter.

And the G is for Gem, because that’s something precious and each of us is a gem and the world needs more laughter.

And the H is for Health, because when we’re laughing, we’re breathing, we’re engaged, we’re relaxed, and we’re creating memories. We’re sending our body happy hormones, and all is well.

I hope you have a wonderful week. Have lots of laughs.

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