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Warm Up to Winter

Self-care tips for the chilly season

Jean Edelman: Great to be with you today. Happy New Year! Can you believe it 2024? Well, today I want to talk about the winter and staying warm. If we’re in tune and in flow with nature, winter is our time of rest, restoration and conservation, conserving our energy. Think of nature. Think of the bears. Think of the animals. They’re not running around. They’re staying low and slow and quiet and warm. In our modern society, we hardly flinch at the change of seasons other than wearing a heavier coat. But we’re not helping ourselves be in balance.

We want to honor and care for our wonderful and amazing immune system, and staying warm is an important piece to this puzzle. If we tune in and listen to what we need on a cold, cloudy day, you know what? It’s okay to get some extra sleep or grab a nap. During the colder months, we naturally should want long-cooked stews and warm soups. Hopefully we’re drinking warm teas or warm cider, and hopefully we’re drinking water because we do need to remember to stay hydrated.

There are very specific parts of our body that we need to keep warm our hands, our feet, our lower back, our neck and our head. We lose most of our heat out of the top of our head. It drives me crazy to see someone on a cold, blustery day with no hat. How can they be warm? I always want to go put a hat on them. Anyway, we should be outside, and we should be taking our walks on safe surfaces. But it is important to dress warmly.

So another little tip is, did you know in traditional Chinese medicine that the winter is associated with our kidneys? So it’s kind of good to care for our kidneys during the winter. That’s where we want our warm teas and our warm soups. And we do not want cold, icy drinks. Nothing cold. No ice, no ice cream. That is counterintuitive for our kidneys. Also, did you know that our kidneys are reflected in our ears?

So here’s a little action item. If you’re feeling tired, take a moment to massage your ears. This will give you a micro boost of energy and is particularly good. Maybe after a Zoom call. Get up. Move around. Rub your ears. When we’re out in the weather, just take a moment to think of our immune system. Are we doing everything we can to honor it and keep it warm and in check? Keeping our lower back warm, our head, our neck, our hands, our feet being all bundled up when we’re outside walking.

So it’s simple this first week of the new year of 2024. Let’s stay Warm.

The W is for Well-being, well, our health. Good health should be a goal in our life and learning about our body and how it works. And our immune system is so important for a long, joyful, healthy life. Who wants to get bogged down with ailments and aches and pains that’s not living. So be mindful and take care of this one and only beautiful body that we have.

The A is for Active. Movement is so important for a healthy immune system. Get out and get our walk. Get online and do a yoga class. Learn some Tai Chi or QiGong. We need this movement and breath to stay healthy and warm.

The R is for Robust. When we’re healthy and happy, that’s when we’re living our best life. Be prepared for any weather. Have some layers with you if maybe you’re somewhere in the weather might change, plan ahead, but keep our body warm.

The M is for Magic. Good health is amazing. Think about how wonderful it is to wake up without any aches or pains. That should be the goal. And we can only do that when we’re paying attention and taking care of and guarding our body from the elements.

So have a wonderful first new week of the New Year. Practice staying warm, protecting and honoring our immune system, being ready for the elements and taking care of ourselves and knowing good health. Have a wonderful week everyone.

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