The most valuable lesson I have learned is that the most meaningful journey is the inner journey.

Why Self-Care Starts with Self-Reflection

How you can transform your life by understanding yourself on a deeper level

Jean Edelman: This week, I want to talk about our view on life, realizing that a small shift in our thinking can bring great insight and maybe reduce some of our daily stress. Instead of seeing life happening to us and shifting to seeing our life as happening for us, this is when we can begin to embrace the moments as opportunities to grow. This is what I did in January during my health event. I used it as a learning event to slow down and release the ancestral survivor mode that I was always in to learn how to nourish my soul.

So this week I want us to reflect. Do we see the glass half full or empty? Do we see the world as friendly or unfriendly? How we see our life dictates our reality. A healthy shift in thinking. Not that our world is coming at us, but instead of our world is coming from us. This is a very powerful shift. What we put out in the world – are we being kind, generous, compassionate, grateful – these are the ripples in our pond of life and understanding that our life comes from us.

We can change our thinking. We can change our focus. We can change our intentions. We create the positive outcome. Our world is coming from us. So this week, my word of the week is VIEW.

The V is for Value. We all have value and we need to treasure ourselves. And we need to fully embrace that our world comes from us. It’s a brand-new day and we can make it great.

The I is for Impact. Imagine the change that we can have, the impact on our day, our family, our friends as we project a positive, kind and grateful world.

The E is for Enable; to activate and empower ourselves. We have so much to give, so much to offer. This powerful shift of life comes from us. We can make great changes in our lives and the lives of others.

The W is for Wise. We have inner wisdom. We have what we need. And it’s so healthy to harness that. Our intuition is our inner guide. Find the quiet and we’ll hear the answers we need.

I wish for you to have a peaceful and wonderful week, and I want you to practice that. Life is coming from us and see the wonderful small changes around you. Have a wonderful week, everyone.

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